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Picnic, climb up the castle tower and hike down the wooden footbridges to the valley

This small and idyllic playground is situated north of the city centre of Cascai – almost within walking distance – above a lovely river valley. Nestled between rocks and trees on the slope, it consists of a small wooden fortress with a tower, a seesaw, two rocking animals and a seat that rotates on its own axis. But there are also some nice wooden benches where you can sit in the sun and watch your children climb and play.

Naturally, she runs first to the tower,
breathlessly climbs up the ladders inside
and presses herself against the sloping wooden wall below the loopholes,
as noiselessly as possible.
A call sounds from the castle gate,
and a second child runs searching through the silent wooden castle.

There’s nothing wrong with picnicking here together. You can relax and let your children run around, because there is no streets nearby and the parking lot above the playground is far enough away.

Wooden footpath, Penhas do Marmeleiro, Cascais

When your little ones have had their fill, you can go back up to the parking lot and take the wooden walkway for a nice little walk around the hill, along the rocks and down into the valley.

Wooden footpath, Penhas do Marmeleiro, Cascais

There is a pretty river running along the walkway, where you can walk a little further, or you take the path opposite the end of the wooden walkway that leads back up the slope and to the right. After 10 minutes, you will reach the playground again.

Parque Infantil das Penhas do Marmeleiro, Cascais

From the wooden walkway, there are beautiful views of the Serra de Sintra or of the Atlantic Ocean. It is these views that lure us from time to time to this small and fine playground in the middle of nature.

Parque Infantil das Penhas do Marmeleiro, Cascais

Parque Urbano Penhas do Marmeleiro
Rua Marquês Pombal 41B,

38.730598, -9.433581

How to get there:
Only possible by car

Wood walkway hike:
For children and adults, this pretty little walk is ideal. However, it is best not to take a pram with you, as there are a lot of stairs to climb.

Bring along:
Drinks and snacks. Possibly a fairytale book to read aloud, especially Rapunzel or Sleeping Beauty. You can then act these out wonderfully there with your children.

Parque Infantil das Penhas do Marmeleiro, Cascais
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