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Rock engravings and wild animals at Vale do Coa

In the Coa Valley you can admire ancient rock engravings of animals, observe otters, wild horses and cattle, also hundreds of bird species, including griffon...
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The birdwatching area Lagoa Pequena de Albufeira near SesimbraThe birdwatching area Lagoa Pequena de Albufeira near Sesimbra

In the Lagoa Pequena birdwatching area you can walk along wooden walkways, observe birds, paint, borrow a discovery kid and enjoy a picnic....
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The restaurant Curral do Burro in the Serra de Montejunto

Alongside its high-quality food, the destination restaurant Curral do Burro offers a terrace with a wonderful view, a windmill tour and an opportunity to explore...
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Through the enchanted valley to the holy spring Santa da Fornalha

Walk through the enchanted valley to the ruins of the holy spring, where kings are said to have bathed, while watching sunbathing turtles and wading...
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The car-free island, Iha da Armona near Olhão

Go by boat through the Ria Formosa, walk through the pretty island village and finally collect beautiful shells on the endless southern beach and swim...
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The enchanting Saloia village Aldeia Mata Pequena near Mafra

Exploring 19th century living, hiking through green river valleys, discovering ancient volcanoes and playing in one of the most beautiful Portuguese village streets....
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The Bacalhôa Buddha Eden Peace Park near Bombarral

Among countless palm trees, bird of paradise flowers, giant Buddha figures and sculptures of modern art or African animals, roam around and roll with a...